2021-12-31 Happy New Year to all the collaborators of LIN Group!

2021-12-03 Honglu successfully defending his Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations!

2021-11-23 Undergraduate student Yue Luo joining LIN group. Welcome!

2021-11-17 Co-hosting a networking Seminar on Remote Sensing Frontiers, with Helsinki University.

2021-10-16 Undergraduate student Chenxin Fan joining LIN group. Welcome!

2021-09-12 Siyuan won PKU President Doctorcal Scholarship. Congratulations!

2021-09-03 A new paper “Periconnection: A novel macroecological effect in snow cover phenology modulating ecosystem productivity over upper Northern Hemisphere” accepted for publication by Science of the Total Environment.

2021-08-21 A new paper “Towards 3D tree spatial pattern analysis: Setting the cornerstone of LiDAR advancing 3D forest structural and spatial ecology” accepted for publication by International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation.

2021-07-25 Visiting undergraduate student Hongda Di joining LIN group. Welcome!

2021-06-26 A new paper “Individual tree detection and crown segmentation based on metabolic theory from airborne laser scanning data” (by Honglu) accepted for publication by Journal of Applied Remote Sensing.

2021-06-18 A new paper “Remote sensing of ecosystem water use efficiency: A synthetic review of indirect and direct estimation methods” (by Wanyuan) accepted for publication by Remote Sensing.

2021-06-09 Haoran and Xiangshuang successfully defending their Ph.D. dissertations. Xiaoyue and Hui successfully defending their M.E. theses. Songkun successfully defending his B.S. thesis. Congratulations!

2021-05-05 A new paper “Solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence data-based study on the spatial and temporal patterns of vegetation phenology in the Northern Hemisphere during the period of 2007-2018” (by Haoran) accepted for publication by Journal of Remote Sensing.


2021-04-11 A new paper “Extraction of the taiga-tundra ecotone in northern Finland based on airborne LiDAR data and Landsat-8 images” (by Xiaoyue) accepted for publication by the Journal - Remote Sensing Technology and Applications.

2021-03-10 Our “Standard on Polarimetric Remote Sensing Measurements over Land Surface and Object” published as a National Standard.

2021-02-14 A new paper “Maize and soybean heights estimation from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) LiDAR data” (by Weiwei) published by Computers and Electronics in Agriculture.

2021-01-13 Organizing a Special Issue on “Remote Sensing Technologies for Bathymetric Mapping” (Guest Editors: Guoqing Zhou, Clive Fraser, Yi Lin, Dianjun Zhang, Robert Župan) in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. Call for papers!

2020-12-30 A new paper “Development and prospect of hyperspectral LiDAR for Earth observation” accepted for publication by Journal of Remote Sensing.

2020-11-29 A new paper “Modeling bidirectional polarization distribution function of land surfaces using machine learning techniques” (by Siyuan) published by Remote Sensing.

2020-11-08 A new international project (with the partners in Finland) granted. Good!

2020-10-21 Undergraduate student Songkun Yan joining LIN group. Welcome!

2020-10-05 A new paper “GPM-based multitemporal weighted precipitation analysis using GPM_IMERGDF Product and ASTER DEM in EDBF algorithm” (by Sana) published by Remote Sensing.

2020-09-22 A new paper “A risk analysis framework for transmission towers under potential pluvial flood - LiDAR survey and geometric modelling” (by Mingwei) accepted for publication by International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction.

2020-09-02 Graduate student Siyuan Liu joining LIN group. Welcome!

2020-08-27 A new paper “Discrepancies in the simulated global terrestrial latent heat flux from GLASS and MERRA-2 surface net radiation products” (by Xiaozheng) published by Remote Sensing.

2020-06-10 Like successfully defended her M.E. thesis entitled "3D Analysis of Intra-Species Tree Competition and Facilitation Effect Based on Airborne Laser Scanning Data". Congratulations!

2020-05-16 A new paper “Estimation of daily terrestrial latent heat flux with high spatial resolution from MODIS and Chinese GF-1 data” (by Xiangyi) accepted for publication by Sensors - Special Issue: Remotely-Sensed Evapotranspiration and Soil Moisture: What Lies Ahead? Papers at graduation season!

2020-05-12 A new paper “Improving hyperspectral estimation of nitrogen content in winter wheat by co-measurement of the polarized reflection from leaf surface” (by Siyuan) accepted for publication by Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis.

2020-04-29 A new paper "The relationship between solar-induced fluorescence and gross primary productivity under different growth conditions: Global analysis using satellite and biogeochemical model data" (by Haoran) accepted for publication by International Journal of Remote Sensing.

2020-04-16 Winning the First Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award. Good!

2020-03-26 Three courses based on online teaching are smoothly reaching their midterms. The nationwide network is so good!

2020-01-30 A new co-authored paper involving polarization remote sensing accepted for publication by International Journal of Remote Sensing.

2020-01-17 A new paper "Geologic factors leadingly drawing the macroecological pattern of rocky desertification in southwest China" accepted for publication by Scientific Reports.

2019-12-28 Successfully organizing 2019 National Graduate Conference on Frontiers of Laser Remote Sensing and Probing (Dec 27-28, 2019). Young-generation scholars!

2019-12-05 A new paper "Extraction of urban power lines and potential hazard analysis from mobile laser scanning point clouds" accepted for publication by International Journal of Remote Sensing.

2019-11-20 Hosting a lecture "Deciding meteor fates: Outcome of meteoroid impacts based on their trajectories" to the institute, given by Dr. Maria Gritsevich from Helsinki University. Interesting!

2019-11-06 A new paper “Characterizing ecosystem phenological diversity and its macroecology with snow cover phenology” published by Scientific Reports. Field gap filling!

2019-10-23 A new paper “Kinect sensor moving: Development of a low-cost technique for mobile phenotyping of plant structures” accepted for publication by Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis.

2019-10-11 Yi Lin elected as a Standing Council Member of Chinese Society for Imaging Science and Technology (CSIST).

2019-10-01 A new paper “Airborne LiDAR point cloud filtering by a multilevel adaptive filter based on morphological reconstruction and thin plate spline interpolation” accepted for publication by Electronics.

2019-09-16 Visiting Associate Professor Daoming Wu joining LIN group. Welcome!

2019-09-06 Graduate students Lingjia Huang and Ranzai Wang joining LIN group. Welcome!

2019-08-31 Launching the organization of the National Graduate Conference on Frontiers of Laser Remote Sensing and Probing (Dec 27-28, Beijing). Contributions are welcome!

2019-07-30 Co-chairing the Session - Forest: Application and Modelling and presenting a work “Laser scanning advancing 3D forest ecology” in IEEE IGARSS 2019 (Yokohama, Japan). Pushing forward a new discipline concept!

2019-07-15 A new paper “Exploration of the angular effect in hyperspectral LiDAR spectrum-location-synchronous data collection” published by the Journal - Remote Sensing Technology and Applications.

2019-06-30 A new paper “3D analysis of intraspecific tree competition and facilitation effects based on airborne LiDAR data” published by Journal of Northeast Forestry University.

2019-06-17 Co-hosting the visit of Prof. Heipke from the IPI,  the University of Hannover, where Lin visited in 2013. Nothing changes over time!

2019-06-16 Giving a lecture "Quantitative LiDAR remote sensing of geophysical factors" to 2019 Quantitative Remote Sensing Forum. What a promising direction!

2019-05-30 Hosting a lecture "Vegetation-mapping LiDAR" given by Prof. Xianlian Gao from Academy of Forestry Investigation and Planning. Inspiring!

2019-05-19 Successfully organizing The 3rd Peking University Remote Sensing and GIScience Youth Forum (May 17-18, 2019). Young scholars from Oak Ridge, Caltech, Princeton, Berkeley, Stuggart, Lund...!

2019-05-10 Another little Graduate Educational Reform Project granted. Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school - Albert Einstein!

2019-05-01 A new paper “Urban plant phenology monitoring: Expanding the functions of widespread surveillance cameras to nature rhythm understanding” accepted for publication by Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment.

2019-04-11 A little Educational Reform Project granted. Teaching is so important!

2019-04-02 A Lin-participated work published by Ecological Indicators.

2019-03-27 The website of LIN Group is working!

2018-12-18 A Lin-participated project granted by NSFC (No. 41842048).

2018-11-16 Two Lin-participated works accepted for publication by IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing and Remote Sensing.

2018-11-09 A Lin-participated work accepted for publication by Trends in Ecology and Evolution (IF=15.3). Good!

2018-11-01 Organizing the Ecological Big Data Workshop (Nov. 24, 2018) together with other professors. Meta-analysis? Of course not enough!

2018-10-29 The whole group moving to a larger office, and sincere thanks to the kind supports from the senior professors at the institute. More workspaces for future scientists (This is also an ad. for recruiting graduates and postdocs)!

2018-10-13 Hosting a lecture "Combination of satellite remote sensing and ground observation in study of energy and water cycles over Third Polar" to the institute, given by Prof. Yaoming Ma who got his PhD from Wageningen University. Lets face Earth’s future!

2018-10-10 A new paper “Earth observation-oriented polarization LiDAR remote sensing” accepted for publication by the Journal - Remote Sensing Technology and Application. Next-generation LiDAR remote sensing technology oriented again!

2018-10-08 Giving a lecture “Frontiers of beyond-3D spatial information technology and scientific exploration” to the Remote Sensing Frontier Seminar. Beyond-expectation positive response!

2018-10-05 A new patent “3D laser scanning- and stereo imaging-combined backpack RS-mapping system” to CNIPA. Hope its future version on the backs of wildness-exploration scientists!

2018-09-30 Graduate student Hui Li joining LIN group. Welcome!      LIN group is getting more attractive!


2018-09-26 Lin group's work "From prototype system to practical application of hyperspectral LiDAR: Investigation of the intraday 3D variations of tree biophysics and biochemistry" presented at SPIE Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing 2018 (Honolulu, Hawaii). Next-generation LiDAR remote sensing technology oriented!

2018-09-17 Inviting Prof. Qingtao Song who got his PhD from the University of Rhode Island to give a lecture "Marine microwave remote sensing - Theory, technology & frontiers". Interesting!